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Welcome to our PLAYGROUND.

On this page you can try out our apps that we’ve developed and those that are still in research phase. Go ahead, click these links and try them out!
PS. If you would be so kind, please let us know if you find any bug on these apps by sending an email to

  • AKSA INSTAGRAM SEARCH ENGINEThis is a showcase for our image search engine. It will index your instagram feed, and when you do a search, it will look for the image in your instagram feed. If you havent uploaded that particular image to your Instagram account, it will look for the closest match.
  • DEMIT DIGITAL MASK.Created to celebrate Halloween of 2017, upload a photo of your face to create a face morphing video into one of many supernatural creatures and demons, and do a digital trick or treatin’ all over the internet! 🙂
  • CAKEPINHave you ever wondered what you look like if you’re a grandpa / grandma? This web app can modify your face with 4 different effects:
    • Gantengin – Handsomify > makes your face (hopefully) more handsome
    • Cantikin – Beautify > makes your face (hopefully) more pretty
    • Kakekin – Grandpafy > makes your face more like an old man’s
    • Nenekin – Granmafy > makes your face more like an old woman’s
  • PAHLAWANKU PANUTANKUCreate a GIF or video of your face morphed into the face of Indonesia’s national heroes! Created to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia’s independence.
  • NLP research web appChat with our chatbot. She’s not perfect (yet), but she’s trying hard to be! Since she’s created for online commmerce, she’s currently only trained with that context in mind. So no talk about brain surgeries and quantum physics (yet!!) please. 🙂 . is a collaborative effort between Plexus and Dengan Senang Hati.
  • FACE MASHUPCreate a new face by combining two or more faces (up to 10 faces!!). Go ahead, go crazy! 😀
  • BRO or SIS – gender guessing from nameThis app will guess whether your name sounds like either a BRO (male) or SIS (female) name. This one is also done for research purpose. At around 80% accuracy, this ain’t too shabby isn’t it? BUT IT COULD BE BETTER! 🙂 So please help us and try this app, and push the TEBAKAN SALAH (wrong guess) button if we make a wrong guess.
  • TEBAK LAGU INDONESIAHow much do you think you know about Indonesian music? Test your knowledge with this web app. PS. the highest score as of this writing is at 87 points, think you can do better? A collaboration with 

Is this everything we’ve done? NOPE! Of course not!
There are other stuff we’ve done that couldn’t be added to this page due to them not being web apps, NDAs, and other things.

Some of them can be viewed in these video playlists:

Game Development

Mobile Apps

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Machine Learning


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